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Handling of living cells with a nozzle-diffuser micropump
( Former project )

C. Yamahata, C. Vandevyver, F. Lacharme, P. Izewska, M.A.M. Gijs

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Keywords: Jurkat cells, Hybridoma cells, Lab-On-a-Chip, Micropump, Valve-less, Nozzle, Diffuser

Typical observation of Jurkat cells (left) in a culture medium, (center) just after their passage in the diffuser micropump and (right) after 24 hours.

In this project, we study the use of a nozzle-diffuser micropump for the transportation of 10 µm-sized jurkat and hybridoma cells in a microfluidic device. Cells viability and proliferation, as well as the effect of pumping action on the damaging of cellular membranes
are evaluated.

The results were presented at Nanotech Montreux, Switzerland (November 15-17, 2005) and in an article published in Lab on a Chip 5 (DOI: 10.1039/b504468e).

Last modified: May 27th, 2008